Sheet Metal Press Die

Premium advanced technologies for sheet metal press die can rapidly create and handle complex parts. We have tooling for presses up from 15-400 tons in-house, in accordance with ISO compliant, our tool and die manufacturing operations hold tolerances down to +/-0.025mm.

sheet metal press die

Sheet Metal Press Die

Types of Sheet Metal Press Die

Normally our sheet metal press die include single punching die, compound die and progressive die.

1. Single Punching Die

A single punching die typically makes holes in a part or blanks out the part.

Simple dies also commonly produce.

basic forms as well as perform notching and lancing operations. Simple dies require a press operator.

to load and unload parts and part material before and after each press cycle.

2. Compund Die

A compound die blanks produce a part at the same time in the same station. In most cases this operation.

perforates a hole or holes down, while the part blanks up. This allows slugs from those holes to fall through the die.

This method leaves the part in the die, requiring some means of part removal.

They can run continuously with a feeder, provided you can remove the part in a timely manner.

compound die

Advantages of a compound die include:

  • Minimal space in the press

  • All burrs in one direction

  • Superior accuracy between holes and trim edges

  • More economical to build than a progressive die

3. Progressive Die

Progressive dies is an effective way to convert raw coil stock into a finished product with minimal handling. As material feeds from station to station in the die, it progressively works into a completed part. Progressive dies usually run from right to left. The part material feeds one progression for each press cycle. Early stations typically perforate holes that serve as pilots to locate the stock strip in later stations.

progressive die mold

Application Of Sheet Metal Press Die

Premium offer you low volume and high volume sheet metal fabrication from small to large parts, and complex project to further enhance our precision forming capabilities.

Our Application Include:

  • Automotive

  • Control and automation systems

  • Electronic communication

  • Enclosures

  • Infrared Radiant Heaters

  • Doors

  • Assemblies

  • Lighting

  • Body panels


sheet metal stamping case

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