Types of Medical Plastic Injection Parts

Ⅰ. Medical plastic injection parts play an increasingly important role in the medical industryThe medical plastic injection parts product industry is an emerging industry that has developed with mode...

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Features of Precision Medical Plastic Injection Parts

Why do many medical industry-related machine parts choose customized precision medical plastic injection parts? In fact, it has something to do with the characteristics of precision medical injection ...

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Key Points of Auto Injection Mold Processing

1. Auto mold products have become accustomed to lifeAuto mold is a product we see every day, which is used in various interior and exterior decorations of automobiles, such as plastic bumpers, shock a...

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What Are the Structural Components of Auto Injection Moulds

Ⅰ. The molded parts of automobile injection molds have various materialsMolded parts can be clearly seen in automobile injection molds. These molded parts will have various materials, such as differe...

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The Influence of Pigments on Chromatic Aberration of Injection Molding Products

I. What is chromatic aberration? Chromatic aberration literally refers to the difference in color that is visible to the observer. It's quick, cheap and easy to measure chromatic aberration with n...

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Automobile R&D: Structural Design Code of Injection Moulding Products

I. What are injection moulding products? Generally speaking, injection moulding products refer to the injection molded products made by the following process: heat, plasticize and melt the plastic by ...

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Study on the Characteristics of Die-cast Magnesium Alloys

The density of magnesium alloy is less than 2g/cm3, and it is the lightest metal structural material at present. Its specific strength is higher than that of aluminum alloy and steel, but slightly low...

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Methods for Improving Overall Corrosion Resistance and Strengthening Modification of Magnesium Castings

1. Remove Impurities to Improve Corrosion Resistance and Strengthen the Improvement(1) Improving the Purity of Magnesium Alloy in Magnesium CastingsGenerally, high purity magnesium alloy has better co...

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