Multi Cavity Mold

Premium Rapid&Mold produce high precision single component and multi cavity mold for a wide range of components, including caps, straight connectors, syringe barrels, with or without tear-off caps, etc. The multi cavity mold has more than one cavity of the same part, because of the shorter lead time per batch, using a multi cavity mold can have a faster completion of the requested number of components.


Multi Cavity Mold

The Advantage Of Multi Cavity Mold.

  • More products can be produced by same mold within the shot guarantee

  • In most cases, a six cavity mold has a lower total cost than four or six single-cavity molds

  • The requested number of components will be finished faster due to the shorter lead time per batch.

  • More efficient use of the cycle time

  • The processes are more stable

  • Products price will be lower


How Can Your Project Benefit From The Multi Cavity Mold?

The multi cavity mold has more than one cavity of the same part, which can have over 64 cavities. The mold is designed to produce multiple numbers of the same part in the same process and same time.

The multi cavity mold is suitable for you If more than tens of thousands of parts per month is needed. When the customer want to meet a certain price point, the multiple cavity mold will be the good chance. The capacity limitation will force you to buy a multi cavity mold. When you use multiple cavities mold, will know that your investment in molds & mold design is rewarded with lower piece prices. It is this reward that sometimes customers will choose to purchase multi cavity molds even their capacity isn't reached. A multi-cavity mold could be 2-64 cavities.

You'll quickly find out that what you are really buying is machine time. So the less machine time it takes to mold your parts, the less your parts will cost. A multi cavity mold can grow to quite an investment as cavities are added. The sooner you make that investment, the sooner you can reap its long-term rewards.


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