Overmolding Injection Molding

Premium provides overmolding injection molding service over 20 years, overmolding is called 2 times injection molding, the production of the substrate parts is a standard injection molding process involving an normal mold with no heating or cooling lines running through it, which is a more rigid plastic and is designed to accept the second shot, normally the overmolding injection molding is composed of a softer and flexible plastic like rubber. 

real parts made by overmolding injection molding process

Overmolding Injection Molding
How Does Overmolding Injection Molding Work?

How Does Overmolding Injection Molding Work?

The first shot of overmolding injection molding process is called substrate, is usually composed of more rigid plastic, the second shots called the overmold.

The cycle time of overmolding injection molding process is a bit longer, our experienced molders will monitor the cosmetic concerns, fill pressure and basic quality of the parts. After the substrate parts are molded, the overmold will be assembled to the press and the substrate parts will be put by hand into the mold and overmolded with rubber material or thermoplastic.

Advantages of Overmolding Injection

  • Cut Costs

Reducing secondary operation, assembly and labor costs.

  • Tough

Plastic overmolding components ensure proper alignment, prevent loosening and the plastic resin can provide improved resistance to vibration and shock, Parts produced are waterproof, shock resistant and airtight. 

  • Reliability

Eliminating bonding step in the manufacturing process, improving components reliability.

  • Flexibility

Custom plastic overmolding allows for the production of parts molded of multiple thermoplastic materials, enhancing design flexibility and multi-material components.

Overmolding Injection Molding

Application for Overmolding Injection

Application for Overmolding Injection

Overmolding injection molding has a wide range of applications, including:

  • Parts with soft grip handles

  • Window reveal moldings

  • Medical and healthy devices and instruments

  • Knobs for controls, appliances and assemblies

  • Encapsulated electrical components and electronic devices

Overmolding VS Insert Molding

Overmolding VS Insert Molding

Overmolding is called 2 times injection molding. The first shot of overmolding injection molding process is called substrate. While insert molding is a process that requires an insert to be pre-placed in the mold for injected plastic to flow around. The two have many differences. Here is overmoling vs insert molding from their applications and materials.

The Application of Overmolding VS Insert Injection Molding

Overmolding injection molding process has a wide range of applications, including parts with soft grip handles, window reveals moldings, medical and healthy devices and instruments, knobs for controls, appliances and assemblies. Whereas insert injection molding is applied in medical industry, electronic housings, knobs, dials, hand-held devices, and etc.

The Material Differences between Overmolding VS Insert Injection Molding

The materials used by the overmolding injection molding mainly include tool steel with added carbon and chromium, die steel, high speed steel, superhard alloy, etc. While insert injection molding is a process in which a material such as a resin (plastic) is heated and melted by a mold. The inserts include metal, cloth, paper, wire, plastic, glass, wood, coil, electrical parts, etc.

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