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As one of the most professional injection mold components suppliers, we provide custom plastic injection molding for worldwide customers from low volume (aluminum molds) to high volume (steel molds) for end-use production parts. We have earned a good reputation for being able to handle highly complicate projects, custom over-molding, insert molding, 2k injection molding, and other complicated projects much faster and cost-effective, often help our clients get to market as fast as weeks.

Plastic Injection Molding Application Cases

Choose Plastic Injection Molding Services

  • Overmolding Injection Molding
    Overmolding Injection Molding
    Overmolding injection makes the process more cost-effective, it has been widely used in plastic design.
  • 2k Injection Molding
    2k Injection Molding
    Premium mold offer complete solutions on the area of 2K technology from in-house product development to tool manufacturing.
  • Plastic Mold Making
    Plastic Mold Making
    Premium offers a one-stop solution in plastic injection mold manufacturing since year 1998.
  • Multi Cavity Mold
    Multi Cavity Mold
    It produces a better yield rate for higher volume runs and produces more components within the shot guarantee.
  • Prototype Mould
    Prototype Mould
    Premium use the prototype mould in cost effective way with MOQ 100 pcs to help customer save their cost
  • Insert Molding
    Insert Molding
    Inserts can be made of metals or different types of plastic, typically metal.

FAQ for Precision Plastic Injection Molding

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