More Information About the Cost of A Prototype Injection Mold

Create Time: 20-12-2017

Injection molding prototype costs vary by part and application. The mold could be thousands of dollars or hundreds of thousands of dollars. The plastic parts produced by molds may be commodities while molds are far from commodities. They are customized for specific applications.

1. The part size and design of prototype plastic molding

Imagine the size of the mold needed to produce a dashboard, bumper, or trash can. In order to build these molds, there are more raw materials and larger CNC equipment to reach such goal.On the other hand, a much smaller mold is needed to mold a pen cap or small button. The basic idea is that larger plastic parts need larger molds. Although the size of prototype injection molding parts is just one key factor, the design of prototype injection molding parts may matter more, especially in scale. You can get more details about prototype mould.

The details of part design will affect the injection molding prototype cost. Features such as undercut and thread will increase the cost of the die. Mold actions such as screw core, tappet and sliding action will increase the injection molding prototype cost. Design changes can eliminate these requirements or optimize their operation, thus saving time and investment. It's a good time to take advantage of the tool builder's experiences to check your choices, avoiding more complex molds. A few simple changes can save you thousands of dollars in early-stage costs. A good tool designer will find the best way to shape your parts, all factors considered.

2. The advantages of prototype injection molding

Prototype injection molding is really easier to process than metal, and the mold won't cover all the functions of the first series. This makes it easier and easier to adjust and modify the cavity when necessary.

3. The material selection of prototype injection molding

In small batch applications, die manufacturers may recommend the use of aluminium dies. Aluminium is easier to process, thus saving the initial cost of the mold. Hardened tool steel will be used in large quantities. These materials are rough cut, heat treated and reprocessed to meet specifications. Additional operation will increase the cost of the mold, but it is the key part of mass processing. In addition, the sliding action will be strengthened, and any moving parts will have wear parts built in. The material selection of prototype injection molding is the biggest factor affecting the mold grade. Relevant information can be checked in forming aluminum sheet metal.

4. The cavitation in prototype injection molding

Increasing cavitation is the simplest way to increase the output of die. The higher cavitation mold enables each machine to produce more parts per hour. This saves the unit price and increases the potential production of the mold. The challenge here is to balance the upfront costs of higher cavitation. It is very important to match the cavitation with the expected volume of the required part.

As you can see, the cost of injection mold involves many aspects. Each part is different, so as each mold. Although the cost of mold may vary, this brief overview should help you understand the reason behinid it. Finally, working with experienced molding companies is the best way to start.

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