What Are the Benefits of Embedded Molding?

Create Time: 20-12-2017

Insert injection molding process can be an efficient alternative to assembling discrete parts using welding, connectors, fasteners, or adhesives. Compared with those ways mentioned above, the advantages of insert molding are apparent as it can replace the assembly of equipment, fasteners or adhesives more effectively.

1. Insert molding reduces the size of molded parts.

As the molded parts can be molded together with metals and plastic, the part size can be designed smaller and the weight of the part will be smaller than that of the assembly parts, which will reduce the material cost and save production cost with better performance.

2. Insert molding reduces assembly and labor costs.

Insert molding is a single injection molding process in which two or more parts are connected together to form the final molding parts, which reduces the assembly and labor costs. In the molding process, workers only need to put the insert into the mold. One or more inserts can be molded at one time. More complex insert molding parts have more benefits than that of insert molding.You may view more details about aircraft sheet metal forming.

3. Insert molding improves reliability.

Insert molding is formed by plastic molding process. As a result, each part is tightly molded with thermoplastic and the insert molded part prevents parts from loosing, mismatching, dislocating, and other problems. The plastic resin improves the shock and vibration resistance.

4. Insert moulding increases design flexibility.

We have this kind of insert injection molding technique and designers will save the time for considering how to assemble parts together or how to fasten metal parts and plastic parts together and how to save space for other components. Thuse, they can be more efficient in the designing process.

5. Insert molding saves injection cost and improves work efficiency.

Compared with the standard injection molding machine, the use of inserts in the molding stage sometimes makes it more difficult for the operator to put the inserts in the correct position in the mold. For example, some small metal parts or multiple metal parts or some inserts are easy to fall on the ground when being put into the mold, so the vertical injection molding machine is the most efficient way to save more time and injection cost.

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