What is the Difference Between Ordinary Sheet Metal Processing and Precision Sheet Metal Processing

Create Time: 20-12-2017

In the field of laser cutting processing of metal materials, you often hear the terms sheet metal processing and high-precision sheet metal fabrication. Are they the same? What are the specific differences?

1. What does the sheet metal processing technology include?

Sheet metal processing is the core technology that professional and technical personnel must master, and it is also the key to the whole process of product forming. Sheet metal processing includes traditional methods such as laser cutting, blanking, sheet metal bending and forming, and the main parameters of the processing technology, as well as the main parameters of the design and processing technology of various cold stamping molds, the principles of various machinery and equipment, and new stamping molds and designs.

The scope of sheet metal processing is relatively large. Products made of all metal materials are generally called sheet metal parts. Sheet metal is divided into general sheet metal and high-precision sheet metal. In fact, they are a definition, but there are some essential differences: the key is that they are different in the whole process. Generally, sheet metal processing uses traditional production equipment, such as general high-speed punches, angle-opening machines, etc. In order to better complete the look of the sheet, it is usually a large-scale commodity production and processing project, and the precision cannot be guaranteed. And some complicated processing technology is difficult to achieve.

2. What is the difference between sheet metal processing and precision sheet metal fabrication

To put it plainly, "high-precision sheet metal fabrication" refers to the improvement of selection of raw materials, the design of the structure, the improvement of processing accuracy, quality and service life of rolling bearings, and grease quality, etc., which also further improves the manufacturing level of the reducer. High-precision sheet metal is suitable for the production and processing of large and small batches of goods, and has the characteristics of short production and processing cycle time, high precision, and good uniformity. The connection from general sheet metal processing to precision machining must meet the following standards: machinery and equipment disassembly, product upgrades, management methods improvement, etc.

Compared with traditional sheet metal processing, high-precision sheet metal fabrication has the advantages of high quality and excellent performance. Choosing the design scheme of Lego building block composition is beneficial to the mass production of the organization and control the cost. The diversification of the types and the deformed design plan expand the application scope of the gear motor. The requirements for high-precision sheet metal fabrication are relatively high, and dimensional tolerances must be strictly observed.

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